Thursday, October 1, 2009

Avery Brooke Allen- Little Avery Bug!

Avery entered the world and our hearts on May 26th, 2009. Just like Paige, I loved her with all my heart from the very first moment I saw her. She is now 4 months old today and I can't imagine my life or our family without her in it. She has such a sweet spirit and is so happy. I call her Smilie:). She is very healthy and loves attention, especially from her Daddy. Today she weighed 15.2 pounds and is 80% in weight- 50% in height and 10% in head size. Ha..She is so beautiful. Not did a great job creating my little bug. I will try to get her belly laugh on tape and post it. It's awsome!!

Life with 2 is much more hectic, that is why I am just now writing this. Even through the sleep deprivation I still feel extremly blessed to get to stay home and be with the girls. Paige is loving being a big sissy too. She is very helpful and is not near as jealous as I anticipated.

Well see ya. Mom of 2


The Neffs said...

What a sweet girl! I am expecting my second child in Feb. I am sure it is quite the balancing act!

cindy lou-who said...

Katie, Avery is PRECIOUS! I want to squeeze those cheeks! I think this is the first picture I've seen of her, how sad! I have wanted to keep in touch with you better! I think of you often, as we are in such similar shoes right now. :-) It's crazy fun, huh? Email or call me if you can. 870-279-5008. Love from De Queen!