Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Big Suprise

So as most of you know, I bought Katie a boat! Here are some pics, we are waiting for the stereo to get installed and we should have it next weekend. Anyone want to hit the lake?

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Colorado Trip

We just took our first trip with little Paige to Colorado. Both my mom and Chris's mom came to babysit Paige while Chris and I went Snowboarding. That was the plan anyway:) The day before we left, Chris had an IV (thanks Guff) becasue he was so sick. Paige was also sick all week and spent most of Thursday night throwing up. I took her to the Dr. on Friday and he gave me the green light to go ahead on our vacation. To make a long story short - Chris ended up getting his mom sick, Paige was sick most of the trip and had a few sleepless night ; therfore so did Chris and I. We headed off to the mountain anyway to Snowboard with Chris's friend Clay. The snow was awsome and Beaver Creek is by far the best mountain we have snowboarded yet. Clay totally hooked us up while we were there, which was a huge blessing. Our hotel was great! (Thank you Rubby) We all especially enjoyed the hot tub outside overlooking the mountain. The best part of the trip was when Chris filled me in on my "surprise". (See big gift post for more info). Here are a few pics from the trip. Enjoy.

Paige's first Easter

Here is Paige in her easter dress for all who wanted to see. Sorry this is so late:).

That's funny daddy