Sunday, July 6, 2008

Bad blogger. Here are some Allen updates

Hey guys. Sorry it has been so long since I have posted anything. The Allen clan is doing good and it has been a busy time for us and our friends.
What's up:
-Mark and Amity had there baby boy Wyatt. (He is so cute!! I am already planning their wedding)
-JT and Crystal got there baby girl. Paige can't wait to meet her new best friend!
-John and Alania had a baby girl. Yeah!
-Robbie and Erin had a baby boy. He will have his pick- the girl to boy ratio is in his favor:)
-My best friend Pam got married to Lou. She was the most beautiful bride and I got to visit my family and other best friend Sonia. It was a much needed stress free vacation for mommy.
-Flint and Rebekah came to visit. I miss them already.
-Having lots of fun on the lake this year!!
-Trying to keep up with a one year old:) I love staying at home with her. She is such a blessing and I could not imagine missing one smile. I have to say I love my family. Chris rocks.

What's up with Paige:
-Paige turned one last week on July 2nd. Her birthday bash will be this Sat. and dedication this Sunday!! It is definately a special time for us with family comming in town for these events!
-Paige is standing up holding on to things, crawling like a sprinter, eating people food really well, saying "mama, dada, duck, fish, this, and insey (for he aunt Lindsey).
-Paige loves music and dancing. She can sign Jesus , point to herself, call the hogs, wave, blow kisses, Daddy taught her to go crazy and say donk while hitting her head while I was in Florida:).
-We have been to the Auatic center twice and she loves swimming with the kids and going down the slide.
-We tried to paint pottery. Parents please learn from my mistake. Not a good idea to take your one year old kid somewhere where everthing in the place is breakable:)


Anonymous said...

Oh so cute!! And Mommy looked beautiful for the wedding.

Aunt Leecia

Sandra said...

Can you believe that our baby girls are one now? Paige is just as cute as can be. Miss you all. Take care.

Sara Drew said...

OMG, Pam is so gorgeous! She puts me and about another billion women to shame. You look really beautiful as well Katie! I'm sure it was a much needed, wonderful trip. I will call you soon.

Linds said...

I am so proud that one of her first words was my name. I love my little Paiger pot!