Monday, November 19, 2007

The Little "Pea"

Paige, the little Pea Pod, had a great first Halloween with her firends Josie- the elephant, Sara- the princess, Stevens- the razorback, and Seagen-the pumkin. She had a very busy day going to three differnt parties, which she seemed to enjoy. Here are a few pictures of the "gang". Enjoy!

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cindy lou-who said...

hey kt! fun pics! we're so proud of you! :-) to get to our blog, i think all you have to do is click on my username (cindy lou who), and it should have a link to "Lofton casa" or "Worldview" i'm not sur ewhich one. actually, i think jason already put a link to ours on yours, up in the lefthand corner where it says "Loftoncasa". click on that and it should take you there. :-) thanks again for the diapers!!! you gave us 2 packs of gold right now. we won't have to buy any for at least another 2 weeks!